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Weekly Ranking:
Be among the first ten players in Rodnia`s realm in order to win Dragon Coins. There are rankings for the amount of metins destroyed, number of bosses killed, and also for a couple of other dungeons` bosses.
Fishing is one of the most relaxing ways of farming. Be ready to catch worthy rewards with the new pleasant and interactive fishing.
Bored of switching the bonuses manually? Don`t worry, we took care of that. The Switchbot allows you to automatically change the bonuses of one or more items simultaneously.
Tired of looking for buffs or creating a special character for that? The buffi is a companion that offers you the same buffs as a shaman with 160 INT. It can also take on a special look by equipping certain skins.
Got no idea where to farm or how to evolve an item? The Rodnia Wikipedia provides you with all the necessary information about the game, having a wide range of guides (systems, evolutions and much more), which facilitate a good understanding of the game from the beginning.

Rodnia Events


Are you a fan of the Blackjack game? Now, you can play it on Rodnia and win worthy prizes. Get a hand total of closer to 21 than the dealer without going over 21 in order to get a Blackjack chest. (Saturday & Sunday)

Golden Frog:

Clear the deserted valley from the infestation of the Golden Frogs. Take advantage of their precious loot in order to be one step ahead of the other players. (Thursday & Friday)

OX Competition:

One of the most iconic events of Metin2, adapted to our style. Answer the questions related to Rodnia`s gameplay correctly and win great rewards. Be the last man standing to receive the most wished-upon award.


Tanaka pirates thought they can invade the city with their numbers, but they don`t stand a chance against the rodnian heroes. Catch the coward pirates and steal their treasures. (Saturday & Sunday)

World Boss:

Four different entities make their appearance every day at specified hours in a cursed sanctuary. All players must work together to deal damage to the world bosses in order to get their reward.


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